Friday, 29 April 2011

grumpy star @ may 1st happy yess market sneeky peeky!

You know you're excited about something when you still think about in in terms of 'sleeps', as in: 'It's x sleeps til Christmas'. Alright, I'm clever enough to know we're only in the backend of the fourth month of 2011 and it is obviously not time for Christmas yet (although, now that Easter is done with, I'm sure the shops are due a change of decor in that true spirit of commercialism) . . . but I digress, such is my excitement- it's not Christmas, it's my first appearance at the Happy Yess Market and it's this Sunday which means it's two- yes, only two!- sleeps away! Goody goody gumdrops!

Here is the teeniest, tiniest little taste of the sweet things on sale this Sunday, when the Grumpy Star Studio temporarily sets up shop on the lawns at DVAA . . .

The market starts at 2pm til 6pm and there's loads of wonderful local creatives to meet and support with your wallet! For directions and all the other details, head over to My lovely Dave will also be there showing off and selling his gorgeous bird photographs, so do come and sit down for a chat with us in the sad event you find your piggy banks empty, but still keen as mustard to talk art.

Have a gorgeous day everyone!
Mel xo

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

the beginnings of a blog about grumpy stars

Now, this blogging business seems to me very much like a new sketchbook as far as first posts go: very much weight is put upon that first mark made, because it had better amount to a first good drawing. A good drawing that is the mark of better things to come. And so, after weeks of deliberating over which size, weight and brand of sketchbook to buy, I spend another few days contemplating what I will draw and how I will draw it. It's a self-induced headache! And so:  I  propose we abolish first pages and just dive right into the middle of things! It’ll be just like "Star Wars"! But. I’ve not yet introduced myself . . . Sigh. Such a good theory.

So. I’m Mel, short for Melissa, not Melanie. It’s quite alright as far as names go, but I only ever get ‘Melissa’ from employers or from my mother when I’m about to get a talking-to, so understandably I’d feel rather anxious if we’re to use full names here. I’m 25 this year and think I might be getting closer to my ambitions as a five-year-old to be a mermaid, or at least draw pretty pictures like Botticelli. I am an unabashed aesthete and, failing any developments in the way of sprouting scales, thought the next best thing would be to draw stories about it. After two years of travelling Europe and living in London,  I’m now back in Darwin with my gorgeous fiancĂ©e David, our very sweet but slightly mentally unhinged kitten Monty, and a collection of beautiful children’s books to make the most hardened six-year-old weep. When I grow up, I would very much like to write and illustrate books for said six-year-olds. For now, or until I find the right publisher, I spend my days in my lovely little house, drawing, painting and making dolls with Monty asleep in my lap. Most recently, I finished a painting of a very grumpy star, the one you see in the header. I haven’t had blonde hair since I was little, but all the same I think she looks a bit like me. She makes me laugh, looking so lovely and so crotchety in her comfy armchair that I thought I might try to appease her by naming the blog in her honour.  
And now that the pleasantries and my first-sketch anxieties are over, let us get on next time with the diving into the middle of things . . .and some more of the rest of the blog!
Have a great Wednesday and purrs from Monty,
Mel xo
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