Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Thousand Thank-Yous Giveaway

I genuinely believe that changing the world all starts with being grateful, and our ability to say two very simple words: 'THANK-YOU'. It shows our humility, our ability to reflect on what we have and to realise we actively want and value our set of circumstances, however imperfect the sum of them might be; on their own, some things about our lives and who we share it with are pretty wonderful. Positivity, focusing on the things that empower and drive us is a thousand times more powerful and fulfilling than armchair activism. 

If you fancy me sending you this here something nice that I've made, all you need to do is click this link to the original post and tell me about someone who deserves a thousand thank-yous. I'm choosing a winner on Friday, 6th June and absolutely anyone in the universe can enter, so long as they're a current follower of my Mel Macklin Facebook page at the time of commenting.
In advance, a thousand thank-yous for sharing your stories of love and compassion. The fact that you are grateful already shows that you make a positive difference in the world

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