Sunday, 4 March 2012

where i work

Evening stargazers!

For the past year, Dave and I have been slowly redecorating our little flat and using our earnings to fill it with things we love. The spare room, until a few weeks ago, consisted of perhaps a metre of floor space, with every other square inch covered by frames, Hahnemühle paper, Aquarelle blocks, poly-fibre stuffing, garbage bags bursting with fabric collected over the past 10 years- it was, in short, like the insides of my head before a morning coffee: chaos! Until, of course, Dave, ever the brave knight, offered a few weeks ago to help me clean it out.

Here's a little slice of what is now my favourite place in our house. On the table you'll see a half-finished 'Ophelia' (more progress photos of her very soon!), my dolls and postcards and gorgeous pictures by the very wonderful: Nicoletta Ceccoli, Rebecca Dautremer, Effie Lada, Chiara Kloe, Natalie Pudalov, Constanze V. Kitzing, Marita Albers, Caravaggio, Gabriel Pacheo, Ann Haddon and Ana Ventura. I love working here- it is easy to dream in the company of such greatness ♥

Hope you have a wonderful week,
Mel x


  1. I love your work space, it looks warm and inspiring. The picture you are painting looks beautiful.

    1. Thank-you so much Lisa, that's so kind of you ♥

  2. Oh! I see we have some common intersts! I love Rebecca Dautremer.
    Your wall filled with pictures is very inspiring and stimulating for your creativity I assume ( I do this too! ;-) )
    Your illustrations are fabulous. Very enchanting.
    Thanks for having chosen to follow my artwork as well.


  3. Thank-you so much for your kind words Patricia. Your dolls are so beautiful- illustrating is one thing, but using sculptural elements and dolls as you do opens up a whole new world for me.
    Rebecca Dautremer's 'Princesses Oubliées ou Inconnues' was the first children's book I bought when I went to Paris and the reason I decided to become an illustrator. I never fail to be completely in awe of her work, no matter how many times I pour over her books.
    All nice things ♥


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