Saturday, 8 September 2012

introducing eva

Well, hello hello, dots and poppets!

Romeo raised a interesting, semi-existential question I reckon, in his monologue about roses smelling just as pretty if they were called another name. Vis-à-vis, do you ever meet people, and they tell you their name, and all the while you're thinking: 'That is just not the name that fits you?'.

I suppose I can relate to this, since the various stages of my growing up were clearly delineated by the names that people have called me. My parents named me Melissa, because they didn't want anyone to shorten my name. Quite predictably, they were the first to shorten it to either Liss or Lissa, and the rest of my family followed suit. As a teenager, my friends called me just Mel, which I have kept as an adult. I like that it's short and sweet and a bit informal; it feels like my idea of me.

Now don't get me wrong, Melissa is a very pretty name, and I wouldn't say it doesn't suit me, but at best I feel it's probably a bit too elegant and grown-up for the way I see myself most of the time. It is historically also a clear indication that I am in deep shit with the parents, should I be called or referred to by my full name. And, for this reason, I have always felt somewhat squirmy and uncomfortable in the past when employers call me Melissa (worse, is when I have tried to introduce myself into a workplace as Mel, and people think they're being polite by calling me Melanie). 

Because of all of this, I see the names of my characters as the final flourish to my work. Sometimes I have to sit on a piece for a few days until I strike upon the name that they are meant to fit, the one that is quintessentially them. Sometimes I ask Dave for his thoughts. In fact, when he asked me what I planned on calling this particular character, and we both said the same name, we knew it was absolutely right for her.

And so, without further ado, I'd love to introduce you to the second character of my 'Wallflowers' series, 'Eva' (as in 'AY-vah', not 'EE-vah').
Eva is of course the Latinate variant of the English 'Eve', and inseparable from the idea of life. I have been working towards creating characters that are a little older, and perhaps a little more in touch with their sexuality, which is perfect for a character that is so vital and sure of herself, and, let's face it- a little bit booby!
I think hair also says a lot about female sexuality, and like all of my characters, Eva has piles of the stuff. Renoir knew the power of the plait: it is both a revealing of a girl's femininity and a binding of it; a bit of a tease, really. Look at his bathers: charming lady-bits and very sweet, unaffected mannerisms. Yes, they're almost totally naked, but somehow sexier, and unavailable because of their elaborate hairstyles: they're still retaining some mystery to unlock. It works just as well in real-life: the most attractive people are almost always largely unaware of how lovely they really are.

Have you got any stories to share about people and the names they have or should have? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Have a beautiful weekend,
Mel x


  1. I can relate similar feelings to my own name- It is shortened and has been from a young age.. So hence when you do hear your full name it is usually associated with thoughts of being in trouble or such from the parents- as mine would shout out my full name.... and you knew you were just in for it.

    However.. given this I have actually started to try and use my full name.. Because I am stepping outside of an ingrained idea/thought- that my full name be associated with anything sort of remotely negative! That it maybe simply as it is.. my full name..

    I am grateful that my parents did not name me "lee" and literally just as that.. I do not feel I suit that name at all! Phew ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing your story on your name, It was lovely to relate, and as I got to meet you in darwin at the Markets, you suit Mel just perfectly- you have the Beauty and kindness of a Mel :)

    Eva is the perfect name for this booby lady.. I just adore her and I've already mentioned to my hubby that I think she deserves a place on our wall ;)

    Many happy blessings to you

    Natasha ;) xo

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Natasha; it sounds like you and I have had similar experiences!

      Me, I love names like yours with the soft sibiliance of the 'sh'; it always reminds me of my favourite Robert Frost poem 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'. Read it out loud to yourself and you'll understand- it's like listening to snow falling.

      I'm so glad you like Eva and the name I chose for her; thanks so much for your sweet words!

      All nice things <3


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