Monday, 22 July 2013

mad hatter's tea-party grand opening

We had quite the whirlwind weekend, with the very grand opening of our show, 'Mad Hatter's Tea-Party: A Curious Art Exhibition with Marita Albers, Kate Bussey, Andrea McKey and Mel Macklin'. Let me take you on a little tour of our mad morning!

By 10.30, the gallery was crammed full of people!

 Gargantuan ceramic flowers beautifully made by Kate Bussey.

 Gorgeous mixed-media sculptures by Kate Bussey.

Me in one of Andrea McKey's mad mirrors. 

Andrea McKey's gorgeous neck-candy. Andrea has been a huge influence on my own artwork over the past ten years, and it was she that taught me how to make fimo beads, many moons ago! She is as fantastic and dear a friend as she is an incredible artist. 

You can see more of Andrea's gorgeous work on her website:

Gorgeous mixed-media sculpture by Kate Bussey; 'The Lady's Mad Hair' by Marita Albers. 

 'Lionel Rich Tea' and 'Much More Curious' by the marvellous Marita Albers. I can't help but smile whenever I see Lionel, he's such a sweetie! That pink sweater just melts my heart!

 Beaut babushkas by the marvellous Marita Albers.

Fabulous felt finches made by me, and just a snip of some of Marita Albers' gorgeous paintings. I always think of her canvases like glittering little jewels, with all sorts of secrets hidden in them. Every day I look at them, I see some new, wonderful thing. 

A little tableau of my art dolls, and a very fancy garland made up of watercolour miniatures by one of my all-time fave art heroes and very dear friend, Marita Albers. 

My pastel pilgrim art dolls, inspired, amongst other things, 
by Wednesday Addams and gelati.

 Lucie Diamonds, my star art doll.

Our exhibition was opened by former Chief Minister for the Northern Territory, and TactileARTS patron, the lovely Clare Martin. Just over ten years ago, Clare made a speech at my own high-school graduation, and I have always remembered how warmly and fondly she spoke. We are so lucky to have Clare such an active part of our arts community, and I was absolutely delighted when she accepted our invitation to open our show. 

My very dear friend, and an absolutely incredible illustrator, Sandra Kendell. Sandra has been a huge source of support and encouragement for me in my own dreams to illustrate picture books, and hers are some of the most unique, detailed and downright beautiful I have ever seen. You can see some of her work right here: /
Our very wonderful Ingrid Gersmanis, who quite rightly took home an artist prize for her fantastic Wonderland threads! Ingrid is the marvellous manager of Darwin's art-supply store, Jacksons, as well as an artist herself, and a keen mermaid fancier. She is also the very proud adoptive mum to quite a few of my dolls and prints! I will really miss people like Ingrid, who so proudly support their local arts community.

Just a small sample of some of the mad hats that frocked up to our art show! Kate's styro hearts made a curious 'doinking' noise every time they wobbled around in the breeze!
 Our gorgeous Kate.  

My friend Sonia made my absolute year with her fabulous princess outfit! She looked so gorgeous I got an extra artist prize together just for her. Alice would be so proud (and jealous!)

Feeling so darn lucky to be exhibiting with such awesome friends and artists! Thank-you SO much to everyone who supported us- it is you, sayers of sweet things, fabulous friends, and adoring adopters of our work who keep us smiling and dreaming.

'Mad Hatter's Tea-Party' will be showing at TactileARTS til Sunday, August 4th, 2013. 

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