Tuesday, 21 June 2011

crimson cloaked and hearted

Finally dinner preparations are done with for another day (minestrone soup and cheesy twiggy-stick muffins- sounds like the sort of standard fare for mistaken individuals who pronounce 'gourmet' phonetically and think a Cherry Ripe counts towards their five-a-day, I know. All the same I can assert with utmost confidence that those little muffins are all cholesterol-ridden class and another great reason why I should keep running). Monty has also calmed himself sufficiently to curl up into my lap, giving me the occasional soppy look that is very much at odds with his 20 or so attempts to ascend the flywire, climb onto the kitchen bench, drink from the sink and take a flying leap at me as I pass him in the hallway. He will drive me prematurely grey and keep the hairdye people in business, I am sure.

Kind of like hairdye but not are Polycolours, and imagine my delight last week when I got my delivery of 39- yes, 39!- new jars of the stuff! I am chomping at the bit to find a spare weekend very soon when I can finally paint my spare room and transform it from its current state of 'Mellie's Junk Room' into 'Mellie's Magnificent Studio Where All Sorts of Fun Stuff Happens'. So taken with my lovely new colours am I that I have considered building a shelf to hang on the wall at eye-level that I may line them up in order. Very probably I would not get a lot of work done, but sit there admiring the pretty. I can almost understand why van Gogh chugged down a few gallons of the stuff, though I have strong doubts as to the nutritional value and in any case, it would be rather an expensive habit.

These paints are incidentally the very same I'll be sharing around next month for my 'Illustration Techniques for the Avid Doodler' workshop, which is filling up fast! I've spent years buying and trying all sorts of materials, and I'll be telling you a bit more about my favourites on the day. Most importantly I'll be showing you how I use them in my own artwork and helping you develop yours. Click on the link or send me an email to get yourself booked in quicksticks! Also, if you're wondering what you missed out on this Saturday just past at 'Plasticine Pictures', here's one of my favourite works in progress, by workshopper and wonderful local artist, Cait Wait:

I am making elaborate plans to owl-nap this gorgeous little thing for myself this Saturday for our second installment! 

And finally, in between paint-gazing, marketeering and workshopping, I've had less time than I would like actually painting, but I am very happy to share this one with you, finished fresh last night. 'crimson cloaked and hearted' will be ready for sale this Friday night at Palmerston Markets for your very own, or you can come say hullo when I'm out and about in Paprap on Sunday for the Parap Festival!

Happy Tuesday everybody!
Mel x

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