Wednesday, 1 June 2011

next stop, market domination! mwah-ha-ha!

It's only Wednesday and it looks like this weekend might be only slightly less mad than the last one! I'm delighted to have received confirmation late last night from the lovely Kerrie, who manages the Palmerston markets, that I am able to attend this Friday!

You'll find my stall somewhere between the children's play area and the R n' B musician, from 5pm- 9pm. Come say hello, take a business card for yourself and another for a friend, and, if you haven't already spent your pocket money on scrummy curry and mango smoothies (and I can't really say I blame you!), you might want to invest while you can in one of my 'tea-time' or 'i  ♥ bubble tea' prints- barely one week old and already selling like hotcakes!

Or, if you're being a clevertrousers this year and slowly buying presents for your special people before the Christmas madness truly begins, how about a handmade-with-love fimo necklace, or some raggy fabric earrings? No two are ever the same, so you'll never have to worry that someone else is thefting your style  (though, of course, they may have excellent taste and already be in the lucky possession of an equally snazzy Mel Macklin necklace, that you will madly begin to covet and want just as much as the one you already own. Yes, it has been known to happen- my friend bought a necklace for her sister in Amsterdam and has spent the past 4 years wishing she'd kept it for herself!)

But maybe you're still recovering from last year's Santa season, in which case a "gnome tea" or "grumpy star" print are both under $50- something special for your wall that won't shread your wallet-lining.

Or maybe, just maybe, you've done a bit of overtime these past few weeks and need to treat yourself- "the pink brolly" or "the boy with the heart balloons" both make great statement pieces for your bedroom, loungeroom or little one's play area.

I'll also have a sign-up sheet for upcoming workshops, so if you wanted to ask for more information on either of these, please feel free!

And after a recovery Saturday, I'll be doing it all over again at my second Happy Yess Market, at Frog Hollow. This month of course is extra-special, given of course, that the lovely market moles asked me to design this month's poster a few weeks back.

And on that note, an artist's work is never done- off I go to catch up on some much needed painting time!
Happy Wednesday everyone!
Mel x

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