Monday, 21 November 2011

sweet treats - goes with the territory craft fair

Hullo everyone! I have not, contrary to appearances, discovered that explorers have been wrong all these years, that the world is indeed flat and I was the unfortunate victim to fall off it. My intentions are much more sedentary and perhaps less noble, but I've been just as busy all the same!

With the countdown on for 'Strange Creatures, Sweet Allsorts' in less than two weeks' time, I've been wallpapering our good town of Darwin with posters, tying up loose ends with framing, and sending invitations among a million other little things.

Dave and I have also been busily preparing for the various Christmas Craft Markets about town. Here were just a few of the lovely things we had on display at Yesterday's Territory Christmas Craft Fair, as well as our usual movable feast of framed prints and original paintings and drawings.

Imagine how chuffed we were this morning to find our local paper 'The NT News' had chosen our stall to celebrate the event!

On the table in front of me were no less than 36 gorgeous necklaces; mostly made by Dave these days with my illustration workload, and strung together by me. You can also just make out a framed 'Nariko' and 'The Wondrous Cycling Piggy' resting on the bench in the background.

It was a fantastic day and mostly so enjoyable for us I think because of the wonderful sense of camaraderie amongst the other local craftspeople and artists like us, doing what we love best. Of course, Craft Fairs like this depend on the local attitudes toward the handmade things we sell, and I am so glad to live in a place where people can appreciate the time and love we put into our work. Like so many friends in the game, we've made- and still make- a lot of sacrifices to be here. I'm so grateful for every person that gives us a kind word for our work, and I don't for a second take for granted the many people who have supported us, and especially me, in making happen what was once a little pipe-dream.

So thank-you, lovely readers.

Mel x


  1. I saw you in the NT News this morning! Lovely! Did not get a chance to make it to the Craft Markets, but am very much looking forward to your gallery opening which is penciled in the diary!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words Rara, it will be wonderful to see you at the opening x


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