Monday, 13 February 2012

sharing the love with a grumpy star studio etsy sale!

Happy Monday to you all!

Writing and making art are almost my two favourite things in the world, made better only by my lovely readership that shares the adventure with me. Tomorrow, of course, the world officially celebrates everything warm and fuzzy, and I thought I'd have my own little celebration in the Grumpy Star Studio Etsy Shop to say thank-you to you all!

Just enter 'mygrumpyvalentine' into the box marked 'Apply Shop Coupon Code' and you'll get a very lovely 20% any purchase shop-wide. If you're stuck for choosing, don't worry, the sale stretches on til Friday 17th February, just to share the love round that bit longer ♥

Hope you have a wonderful day with everyone that's special to you tomorrow, and all nice things from me as always

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