Monday, 2 April 2012

more adventures from hands that are never idle . . .

Hullo and happy Monday poppets!

Sitting still is hard for me- I'm a chronic fidgeter, and worse than being made sit still is sitting still doing nothing.  And so, I'm always thinking about how best I can use the 5 plus hours I spend every week at the markets, minding my shop.

This was a little solution I came up with this Saturday past- my brand new, Giggle Bunny brooches! They come in three delicious colours: (from left) latte, caramel and dove grey. These little buns are approximately 7.5cm tall by 4.5cm wide, and come with a safety clasp sewn securely on the back. I do use a teeny-tiny pattern to get consistency between the brooches, but because every little bun is completely hand-sewn with love, each has its own distinct personality. They are like little pieces of art to wear over your heart on your favourite blouse or frock.

Stay tuned- you'll be seeing these on my market stall really soon!

All nice things,
Mel x


  1. So sweet! :D I love them so much Mel!!!

    1. Mille grazie Cristina, I'm so glad you like them ♥


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