Friday, 23 August 2013

Pencilled Pretties, Pastel Pilgrims and Peculiar Pets

Most. Exciting. Update. Ever! (And, also, a little bit cringe-worthy, too!)
I made an itty-bitty film! If you have twelve minutes to spare you can watch it- that is, you can laugh at me making a giant tit out of myself and also, talking a little bit about my work. Oh, and there's some super-cute footage of my puppies the day after we bought them home! What's not to love about that, hey?
A huge, squishy thanks to my gorgeous fella Dave, who, as well as filming the whole thing, has spent weeks worth of evenings staying up until the wee hours putting this all together for me. I think he's done an awesome job- hope you do too! ♥

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