Sunday, 1 May 2011

grumpy star studio's marvellous market debut

It is a rare and rather lovely thing to enjoy feeling tired, to crave that time at the end of a never-endiing day when your head hits the pillow, your body sinks slowly into the mattress; to flex those sore little toesies, close your eyes and watch images of a quietly perfect day play softly behind your eyelids.

So, without further poetics, here are a few snippets from my first Happy Yess Market . . .

Here, there would be a picture of some cranberry pumpkin muffins and salty caramel tarts, but I ate them, so excellent were the sweeties on offer (I wondered today, not for the first time in my life I grant you, if I could live exclusively on puddings.)

Almost everyone that walked past stopped to have a lingering look at my table, if not to touch the jewellery and smile, but most often to flick through my portfolio and offer me warmest compliments on my work. I was especially touched by the lovely lady and her daughter who spent at least half an hour discussing each piece and ending up buying a copy of my redjamjellysplat girl, as well as the unicurl (my very favourite piece of current work). Wherever you lovely ladies are- thank-you! Thank-you also to the lovely girl whose face lit up to take home my ladybeetles, and to Emily- I just know my little fox will be happy with you!

And tomorrow, when my head is less befuddled by the effects of the market/ market profits/ Dave's excellent evening coffee and my apple-muffin supper, I shall ponder on what, exactly, I shall spend my profits. (Or, to be more precise, which recently-purchased item of art equipment I shall post-purchase dedicate these profits to!)
But for now, I shall bid you all a sweet-dreaming goodnight,
Mel xo

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