Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ruminating on rainy days while running

Isn't it funny how you can look at something and after some time realise there's something not quite right, perhaps even quite wrong with it? Like those Escher buildings- there's all the ingredients there for a very convincing (if highly elaborate) gutter, except the water is flowing upwards?

Faces are such an important part of my work, and I had a sinking feeling the one I'd painted on my rainy girl wasn't the one she ought to have. I voiced my doubts aloud and Dave's gentle comment that she might not be the very prettiest I'd painted confirmed my worst fears. I would have to paint it over.

All of this coincided with our evening run, (a new development given our increased intake of muffins, roast pork, homemade pastries and other delicious things that will eventually leave us with no other options for clothing besides circus tents). So, since running is basically torture anyway, everything else seems so much easier to do once the running has finally stopped and one no longer feels like one's throat has been ripped in a dozen places. The last thing after four k's of it I feel like doing is inhaling another apple-cinnamon sweetie. And, since painting involves neither screaming calf muscles nor the intake of lovely things to make said muscle development ten times more difficult, I thought, why not, let's give her a makeover.

And here she is, really proving, I guess, that "30 minutes a day is all it takes".

Mel xo

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