Monday, 30 May 2011

wonderful workshop weekend!

Happy Monday all!

What a weekend! I am amazed by those crazy kids who can pull all-nighters for days on end, but alas I was barely able to manage two, and there was no debauched partying for me in my aged state, no. On Friday morning, my day was mostly free for drawing except for the spot of muffin making and baking I'd planned for my lovely workshoppers the next day. This day of calm turned into a 3am bed-time, as I was gently persuaded by my lovely Dave that it would be an excellent idea for me to attend the Happy Yess 5th Birthday party to take advantage of the hordes of groovy tuners at my disposal and make a few sales. An excellent idea of course, but as the early morning bedtime might suggest, the darling printer decided to have a snit with certain types of (the nicest) Hahnemühle paper we have, thus turning a 2 hour job into five. Stoopid technology.

And though I could have carried my week's groceries in the eye-bags I wore the next day, the workshop was wonderful and over far too quickly. Have a look at my workshoppers' gorgeous work, and yes, you should absolutely feel jealous for having missed out! (Not to worry though- I'll be doing another, 3-day, in-depth illustration workshop on Saturdays 18th June, 25th June and 2nd July, as well as another 1-day workshop on illustration techniques on Saturday July 30th. Be sure to let me know if you're keen- I'll only be taking on a limited number! Watch this space for all the details or just book yourself in anyway- you know you'll have a great time!)

Before I'd even had a chance to revel in my wonderful day of workshopping and sharing ideas, it was time for me to get my droopy-eyed self over to Brown's Mart and scoff a cupcake or two to prop myself up for the evening. The music was fantastic, and not for the first time I thought how lucky we are to have such a clever bunch of creative Darwinites who, though their hearts may wander and their feet roam our little planet, always come back to share their music or art or general good selves with us locals.

As I did at my last market, I met loads of really wonderful people, locals and visitors who stopped by to say hello and other very lovely things about my work. Most memorably was a friendly fellow who bought a necklace for his daughter and persuaded his female friend to wear it so he wouldn't have to wear it himself on account of it clashing with his shirt; a lovely lass from Adelaide who bought my "tea-time" print, came back again to show her friend what she'd bought, and the third time to pick up her print and buy another, "the pink brolly". I so love it when people make that commitment to choose really special things for themselves; I love watching them deliberate over their choices and finally to give in and just get another because they really want that too- it is the highest compliment for me.

There was also another nice fellow who came by to tell his mates about the 'awesome' picture I'd awarded Cara at the CDU Prizegiving Ceremony a few weeks back, and how he'd have liked to get it himself. And lastly, my gorgeous friend Brooke Barnett came by with a huge kiss and hug, a much needed catch-up after 4 years or so since we've seen each other, and to buy my 'unicurl', which she instantly fell in love with. Thank-you, all you wonderful people; as glad as I am that you love my work and want to buy it, it is the loving it and the saying so that means so much.

All nice things,
Mel xo

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